Barrio Loco[edit | edit source]

Now that Comrade José has abandoned her people and the community is in disorder, the Garage Girls seized their opportunity to grab an abandoned yard and stake their territory in Barrio Loco. Time are hard, but the girls know how to rinse it! And as the gold flows, they get hyped with their fresh flex of UKG and bouncy basslines.[1]

DSTRKT 5 - The Future?[edit | edit source]

By night DSTRKT 5 is filled with the howls of pain and pleasure of the thrill seeking locaks, but by day the Garage Girls keep things fresh and propa with UKG and bubblin' Bassline vibes - Keeping local mob boss Muuti off their backs. Since the takeover, the district's water supply has been contaminated and the squalid inhabitants only have one place to go for a real good rinseout... Inside da Ride at the 24hr Garage! The girls here just wanna get HYPER....[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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