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In a deserted industrial quadrant, scavengers pick through the remains of the fallen Bang Hai Technologies infrastructure. Area 404 is located at the former Sector 6 facility site.

“If any of this is to be remembered… any reason for these pains… such pains, upon us all… if there be any cause…it is that she betrayed us, abandoned us in our hour of need. We, the unclean, the forgotten, she discarded us, her children, and left us to wilt and wither. Pray we decay quicker, and pray death or a cure comes before the cloud does…”[1]

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  • Level 1 - Initial Infection level
  • Level 5's - Prophets
  • Level 7's - Zombie Humans used as guard dogs
  • Level 10's - Fully under control of The Cloud

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Area 404 complex is also the name for the new Live Music Venue in Bristol, hosting events run by Boomtown Productions.

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