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With BoomTown’s annual fair booming more than ever, exotic immigrants travelled from across the globe to come and settle in the city. Mexicans peddling burritos and dancing round hats brought the smell of spice and the sound of mariachi and before long the Latin Quarter blossomed into fiery existence.

Barrio Loco in the Latin Quarter, although a fairly new district in BoomTown City, quickly gained a fearsome reputation as the most full on party in town. Many locals gossiped that the new settlers danced for days on end aided by brujeria (Spanish witchcraft) performed in shady corners by wizened old crones. Circus folk marauded through the streets spilling in cartwheels and somersaults out of El Circo del Barrio Bassline astounding passersby. Barrio Loco and the Latin Quarter is the province of Ms. Burrita Jose who has many exciting and colourful plans for Barrio Locos future.

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Barrio Loco is a district of Latino celebration. With its carnival atmosphere and the residents’ sense of passion, it is a coming together of neighbouring cultures, traditions may not be the same but spirits born of spice and fire are. Those in Loco look out for each other, community here is valued above all else.

As a daughter of the district Comrade Jose’s ascent to power in Chapter 6 was met with celebration throughout, she had become the mother of all nations of Boomtown. She was a symbol of hope and prosperity for everyone, and finally her people would have a voice at the top at the Town Hall. Promises had been made during her campaign to direct much needed city funds to the streets and communities of Barrio Loco and a healthy period of rejuvenation was expected.

In Chapter 7 the flames of enthusiasm were diminished as promises seemed to be forgotten. The only evident contribution from Comrade Jose to her district was a rich towering palace for herself, which is cruelly visible from as far as the eye can see. Whispers of dissent grew louder and louder, and the murals and tributes of Jose plastered on the walls and streets only served as a bitter fuel for the fast burning fire.

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It is rumoured that it is in the heart of Barrio Loco where the Masked Man was first being harboured and many of the original members of the revolutionary army were recruited residents from this brooding district.[2]

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