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Step back into Boomtown’s past … Set against a new age of industry bringing with it soot and grime but also skyscrapers and finery. In smoke-filled alleyways music halls and bars murmur of strike and revolution whilst on newly built gleaming avenues top hats and ball gowns strut.

Sounds of banjos and basslines continue to resonate throughout, bringing with them an eclectic mix of people from all corners of the city, ready to soak up the sounds and the sights that make up the rich history of this city. [1]

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Copper County and Oldtown seem to hold same the same history and heritage which can be found in the history of the formation of Boomtown itself back in Chapter 1.

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Nicholas Booms disappearance has tipped the power balance, the age of the Robber Barons is upon us. The towns people are dividing between rich and poor. The new aristocracy is backed by the young but powerful Bang Hai Industries. Where does this leave the population? Are they just the mechanism for the industrial machine? Or are they too individuals deserving of recognition and

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In Chapter 6 'The Loopholes In Time' - Copper County was manifested into present day Boomtown using Alien Time Travel Technology from Arcadia. Meddling with time travel however means this event did not necessarily happen in our current timeline and is just one possibility.

During the period The Sheriff brought Copper County into the present this time displaced district had heavy influence over Boomtown politics with the mayor in their pocket and doing their dirty work. During this time the district took back what was known as The Old Mines and planned to slowly take over the rest of the city on behalf of cowboys. [2]

The Sheriff and his loose cannon of a deputy Bane, are feared and respected for good reason. They have a reputation for a no-nonsense approach to enforcement, and are the finest racketeers this side of the trails. Put a foot wrong and you’ll be stepping out ten paces in the dirt. Outlaws are not welcome in this part of town at least not without The Sheriff’s approval.[3]

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