It may be worth distinguishing factions from characters and venues.

Need to be careful not to list venues, venues come and go and have a specific location. Factions are groups of characters irrespective of a venue, perhaps they've survived many venues. It's a bit of a wavy line but i've tried to lead by example. It should not matter if there is crossover, pages can have more than one category. e.g OneCor is (has) a venue in metropolis but also a faction.

Possible examples of Factions:

  • Aliens
  • Postal Posse (Multiple Venues)
  • OneCor
  • Bang Hai Industries
  • Citizens
  • Swans
  • The Pirates (Been at a few venues).
  • The Hackers/Th3 C3ll (Been at various locations)
  • Religions (Noctua has been at different venues)
  • Muuti's Empire
  • The Rag

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