Oldtown is made up of the winding streets of the old and the town's port and harbour. It is a bustling hive of trade but is still one of the poorer districts in the city, despite being one of the oldest.

Oldtown is steeped in Boomtown’s history and folklore, the winding streets and alleyways harbouring many a story and secret ready to be told...[1]

When the touring fair first settled they brought a strong presence of the original travelling circus culture which prevails to present day. Here you will find the artists, performers, makers, painters and the poets; characters filled with the spirit of Bohemia in their hearts.[1]

The Early Years Edit

The story of the founding of Oldtown is the story of Boomtown itself. Please see these main storyline chapters for information.

Chapter 8 Edit

Old Town Port always traditionally a haven of brigands and smugglers has been brought to heel by the central administration, restricting the flow of contraband and levying high taxes on all import / export goods. The port wall has been fortified and customs and excise patrol the harbour area alongside regime guards. The mighty ship the Dodger, formerly a pirate vessel, has been occupied by regime forces and has it’s cannons trained squarely on the port side dwellings and the inhabitants thereof. Discontent is rife among the population, unrest and rumours of rebellion abound, the search for the Pirate Captain Francisco has been fruitless and he remains at large despite the best efforts of the establishment to flush him out of hiding. The taverns, shops, shady back streets and brothels abound with rumours and whispers of rebellion, with contraband severely restricted the salty old sea dogs and scurvy ridden fisher women long for the return of the old days![2]

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