Once the jewel in the crown of Bang-Hai Industries’ redevelopment programme, Paradise Heights is a gold-plated gated community of pleasure and leisure facilities and a playground to the rich and famous of Boomtown.

This “5-star facility, for 5-star people” offers those worthy of entrance an experience like no other in a world free of toil and strife, a dreamland where hedonism rules and anything is possible, promising you the best of everything money can buy![1]

” Look upon us and behold our glory- pinnacles of success  adored by all; the world our willing plaything- we don’t concern ourselves with the wounds of the world, for we are the path to its betterment. At The Paradise Heights Resort we do as we please, we’ve earned it. Money buys time and time is Leisure, you either earn it or you spend it… Business or Pleasure?”[2]
Built on the location of what was known as Mayfair Avenue.

Possible future location of The Last Tree and therefore may become DSTRKT 5 eventually.

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  1. Boomtown 2018 Programme Guide Book

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