The Boutique[edit | edit source]

Hidden down a small, quiet back street is the ancient Shaman market shop in El Barrio Loco. Owned by Shaman 'Don Loco' he welcomes you in and tries to sell you his various wares. Rumour has it that the shop isn’t what it seems and is built on the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. The outside of the shop is crumbling and rustic, shop windows filled with potions, trinkets, bones and herbs. Crystals, offerings to Pacha Mama, entrails and lamas foetus clutter the windows and shelves! However, if you venture further into the shop the shelves and cabinets turn into leaves and vines and before you know it you have found yourself deep in the heart of a Mayan rainforest civilisation. An ancient temple is just about visible through the overgrown vines; this is our stage and the central focal point for the evenings blood soaked and sacrificial entertainment.[1]

The Dump[edit | edit source]

Comrade José's Bang Hai Palace is consuming more than the city can handle and a tribe of locals (including the staff of the Happy Slap Boutique) have made the dump their new dwellings...[2]

There is a small group of Boomtown outcasts who live amongst the rubbish and have stepped up to join the revolution. The tribe live within the rubbish and use it to sustain their lives and until now have remained quite separate from the other inhabitants of the town.[3]

Living in the filth left by Bang Hai Palace, residents of this landfill site struggle to survive on scraps amongst the waste. Now, with the Bang Hai Incinerator, Diamond White, Car Crash, Lidl & Cilit Bang live in constant fear of combustion. To appease and bring him on side, the residents feed the incinerator gifts via his conveyor tongue. DJs are sacrificed via the conveyor to keep the party going but Bang Hai Industries wants to destroy the community that thrive in the waste.[4]

The inhabitants of the rubbish dump tribe who live in the toxic waste of Bang Hai Industries spent their days feeding the machine trying desperately to please his hunger.[5]

DSTRKT 5 - The Future[edit | edit source]

Happy slap 3.jpg

Now the future generation live in harmony with The Incinerator as the steady flow of pollution satisfies his desires. The

trash tribe now focus on their new venture - FLAIR. The air being so thick with smog in DSTRKT 5 makes it harder to breathe, so the Disposal Unit sell their own brand of ‘back street’ bottled air called FLAIR at a very reasonable price.. but money is no good in DSTRKT, what would you trade for a bottle of ‘Ewww de Toilet” FLAIR?[5]

The world as we know it is a long-faded memory, humanity’s over-consumption and wasteful temperament has destroyed the beautiful town we once called Boomtown. All that remains are contained airtight cities inhabiting the super elite, connected by high speed trains and underground passageways; the outside world deemed unfit for humans. In the depths of the darkest corner of this wasteland a motley crew of junkyard goddesses have come to revamp the dingy dankness they call The Disposal Unit. With no-one to stop them the refuse is their own to bask in bleach, rummage through wreckage, bathe in bargain baked beans, and survive on cheap tins of cider.[6]

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