The Opening of The Bearded Kitten Mayfair Opera House [1][edit | edit source]

Mayfair is proud to announce that for the first time ever The Bearded Kitten Mayfair Opera House will be opening it's doors to the citizens of Boomtown (only those worthy of course), with a show unlike any opera you have seen before. Lord and Lady Fitzsloan will host the day time fun and games along with other distinguished guests. Then for evenings festivities The Fitzsloans', being believers in our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, have booked Legs Akimbo's The Church. A non-stop interactive party church service featuring the best in Soul, Clues and Disco tunes.

The Return [2][edit | edit source]

Mayfair's Opera House returns, offering a unique show unlike any other! This esteemed establishment welcomes the 1% and laughts at the poor who are encouraged to take part in outrageous party games. By night, the rich are entertained with an all singing, all dancing interactive extravaganza! It's an exclusive show, all we can say is its truly divine and not to be missed.

The Stage Door [2][edit | edit source]

In the backstage after-party, if you're lucky enough to be invited, you'll find all the celebrities of Mayfair losing their inhibitions to the best DJs in the district. When does the party end? Well not until the fat lady sings!

Mayfair's Royal Theatre[edit | edit source]

Before it was finally demolished to make way for Paradise Heights, The Opera House was re-branded Mayfair's Royal Theatre. We presume the queen re-opened it but we were too busy at The Lion's Den.[3]

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