Maurice Bliss, lovingly known by all as Mr. Bliss, is the founder of Momentary Bliss, Paradise Heights’ one stop shop for healing, betterment and feeling special. Descended from a solid blood-line that has had a significant presence in the area for years, the Bliss Brothers have always known the movers and shakers of Boomtown. His brother is called Terrance Bliss

The boutique was a great success, and within a year, the Bliss Brothers had sold their small location to the former, Bang Hai industries in order to create their vision, the Restoratorium! The first of it’s kind, the Restoratorium became the only place to go to feel ‘special’.

A new class of resident in Paradise Heights was born and it soon became the norm that you were known as either someone who frequented the Bliss Brothers establishment, or someone who did not.

Mr Bliss has a large following on social media including a group called The Elite. He was key to the pre-game puzzles and storyline for Chapter 11.

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