Postal Posse [1] Edit

A bunch of dirty DJ’s, circus freaks, wasted walkabout, twisted artists and local bin dwellers fired from the Royal Mail!

We are your Boomtown Postal Posse. Un-guaranteed next day delivery, our second class service is for all the town's breakable, fragile and unexplained residents. Ever wanted to open someone else's post? well, here's your chance! You'll certainly know when one of our posties has put something in your box! So stamp up and prepare for a service that would make the Royal mail shudder. We're here to incorrectly deliver your messages and confiscate your unauthorised packages. If you need to be handled with care or reminded which way is up, we will make you wish you could be returned to sender... but you'll certainly want to lick our stamps.

The Post Office [2] Edit

We love post. Do you love post? We welcome visits from anyone who cries tears of joy at the sight of a lovely brown envelope whilst spitefully ignoring any of the little bleepy boxes those Metropolis types have glued to their heads. Is that you? You're one of us. Come along and hopefully someone will be sane and sober enough to help you write letters to your loved ones, your hated ones or yourself in the future.

Just don't be bringing any of that data-worshipping AMI loving nowfuggery with you. We don't like her or anything she stands for and we'll make it known.

The Hatch [2] Edit

Too weary to make it to Old Town? Discombobulation running high? No worries, come see us at our outpost on the Main Drag in Downtown where The Hatch offers even less functionality than the main office. You will be disappointed!

Deliveries [1] Edit

Our posty crew will be delivering messages incorrectly for the duration of the festival spreading chaos andinappropriately festival match matching. Our giant post box will provide a meeting point for residents and our oversized parcels will give them somewhere to chill and put pen to paper. Residents can write their own letters and put them in our mail boxes scattered around the festival ready for collection. (I mean, how many Tom's can there be?!?!) Every letter will be marked with the official BoomTown stamp, making the mayor proud and giving the residents a unique memory trigger and festival souvenir. With our stickers and labels everyone will know when they've stumbled across a fragile package.

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