Sector 6 was a Nuclear Reactor Facility built by Bang-Hai Industries.

Construction & Planning[edit | edit source]


BTN CH 8- City Development Announcement

Originally known as Project X, the Sector 6 Reactor was originally a Top Secret project by Central Administration. It was rumoured to actually be a front for some kind of weapons system.


BoomTown Chapter 8 - Project X Activates 02.02.16

Going Live[edit | edit source]

The Sector 6 Reactor went live in Chapter 8 but was met with much opposition from locals and was never very active for long due to a series of "terrorist attacks" and "accidents".

The Revolution[edit | edit source]


BOOMTOWN CH 8 Story update...

During The Revolution, the revolutionaries themselves were living in the labyrinth of catacombs deep beneath the facility. They managed to gain control of Sector 6 and managed to cut the power to the city on multiple occasions.[1]

Shutdown (Chapter 9) [2][edit | edit source]

Since the disappearance of the Masked Man, the huge nuclear facility of Sector 6 has been in a state operational shutdown with no sign of life... However, there have been recent reported sightings of (alleged) Bang Hai Industry officials scoping out the toxic turbines and sealing off 'damaged' areas for 'public safety'.

Outside the district boundary it's a completely different story, with huge campsites overlooking this derelict complex, allowing those who choose to live in the area to take in this breath taking spectacle while keeping a safe distance...

Meltdown & Area 404[edit | edit source]

See Area 404 Page.

See Nucleus

References[edit | edit source]

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