With a wave of new settlers, Boomtown expanded its borders and the Fair became even bigger and brighter than before! New districts and attractions brought more visitors, and the brightest stars of the age to perform for them.

But, as is the way of these times of change, with more light came more shadows, for every new musician and clown that came so did more attention from The Kaptin’s men, more paperwork and requirements from the distant authority of the realm. [1]

The handful of destitute streets had become a gossamer mesh that spider-webbed its way around Downtown in ever growing strands. The town officials tried to maintain control of Boomtowns ever-growing expansion but knew deep down that it wouldn’t last long. The rebels started infiltrating the suburbs promoting debauchery and disdain, and by the time the next annual fair kicked off they expected hell to resurface itself on the streets of Boomtown.

The previous Fair was a monumental success. It exceeded all expectations and attracted individuals from all walks of life. The only people that weren’t fully catered for were the rich and famous as the town lacked any areas of real elegance or prestige. As a result the town officials budgeted a huge amount of money from their urban redevelopment fund to create such an area, and it was decided that it would be named Mayfair Avenue. This stylish new street pandered to every whim of the wealthy and distinguished guests of Boomtown.  Elegant monoliths towered into the sky at both ends of the street to symbolise its affluence, while along its length ran deluxe casino’s where dreams can come true, sumptuous restaurants offering excellent and diverse cuisine, suave gentlemen’s clubs which turned a little raucous as the nights stretched on. There was also shopping for the slightly heavier of wallet, as well as barbers, tall town houses and banks.

On the other side of the railway tracks resides Oldtown. This ancient area was where the first settlements of Boomtown were erected and it lies close to the gold mine that first put it on the map. These old buildings, now withered and worn (and likely to crumble given a strong enough wind) still housed many of the older residents of Boomtown who liked nothing more than to sip tea and watch TV. [2]

Finally Boom had enough and vowed to return to the mountains where rumour had it, there was a huge temple of treasures deep in the forest guarded by lions! His plan was to retrieve a prize jewel said to be the size of a mans fist that he would sell and buy the land where his beloved town now stood, for this was his dream and the reason he had wandered the world as a young man, to find a place far enough away where people could live in peace and freedom, without the unjust laws and rules of state, cross or crown!


But alas that dream was not to be, for Boom never returned from the mountain and was never seen again! His friends searched the ravines and mountains but to no avail, as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Until finally just before the annual fair the citizens were called to the town centre. Dignitaries made speeches, wringing their hands and sniffing back fake tears, even the Kaptin begrudgingly paid tribute to his memory. They vowed solemnly that Boomtown would live on forever in the glory of his name, alas this promise was as hollow as the rest that would follow. [1]

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