When the Boomtown Annual Fair began it was simply a yearly gathering of this small community to celebrate the good fortunes of another year, Mr Boom would lay on a fabulous spread and there would be music and dancing long into the night.

In Chapter One of our tale the circus first came to town, rumbling down the hillside at dusk one late summer's evening came an enormous caravan train, at its head a swarthy moustachioed man sat a top an enormous elephant, The Gypsy King! The locals were afraid of this strange and awesome site until Boom himself went out to meet the strangers.

This was the beginning of the Fair proper, as shortly there after the caravan train was unloaded and a veritable citadel of twinkling medways and rippling canvas unfurled to create a bizarre other world full of exotic creatures and beings, the likes of which had never been seen before!

And so each year would they return with wonders and spectacles more bedazzling and beautiful than before and the annual gathering that is now known across the world as Boomtown Fair was born!

With the popularity of The Fair came more visitors each year and with them more attention from the distant realm who claimed to govern these lands from afar. The small community that was more or less its own free state became increasingly alarmed as external forces began to attempt to dabble in the affairs of the town, and even worse the Fair itself!

As Boomtown expanded its borders and The Fair became even bigger and brighter than before! New districts and attractions brought more visitors, and the brightest stars of the age to perform for them.

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