In a town unbound by normal regularities, there’s a store.

A store that sells ‘everything you never wanted... if their till works... (which it wont)’

And inside that store is a group of young renegades, hell-bent on creating the most incomprehensibly inconvenient retail experience the world has ever witnessed.

No store has dared to build a business on such unfamiliar grounds and their un-paralleled perseverance to their product has no limit. Their niche is new and rapidly taking over the modern market who seek a truly authentic experience. You will never, ever find anything quite like The Inconvenience Store™ at Boomtown.

You may go there for Bent Tent Pegs™ and SPF Zero Sun-Cream™... But you will leave with nothing but the sour distaste and hilariously honest burden of inconvenience.[1]
They may say ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ - but they will never, ever mean it.

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