Located in amongst Boomtown’s oldest buildings, the Jobcentre emerged during the town’s gold rush fuelled heyday as a means of supplying the area’s biggest industries with a steady stream of vetted labour. A radical innovation in its day and an archetype of things to come it prided itself on finding work for all those that had travelled long and far for a better life after hearing of the rapidly expanding town’s flourishing prosperity; and all in return for a meager 30% cut of their wages!

Boom and bust followed, and with it the Jobcentre’s

Boomtown Jobcentre Promo

Boomtown Jobcentre Promo

fortunes; but it wasn’t until the aliens arrived that everything got weird. Following the extraterrestrial invasion of Chapter 4 residents began to notice the presence of some rather unusual immigrants on their streets. There was little to complain about at first and Boomtown’s citizens quickly became accustomed to this new wave of pioneers with their interesting culture and strange, but sometimes useful talents. Steadily though, as ever more of the aliens arrived the town’s own citizens started to find it more difficult to find employment, often discriminated against for their reluctance to work 36 hour shifts or squeamishness regarding ‘workplace accidents’.

Boomtown’s cripplingly underfunded Jobcentre has struggled to cope ever since. With the economy barely growing and so few real jobs up for grabs, attempting to support the town’s unemployed citizens became an ever more difficult task in itself. Left with few other options it was forced to look further afield into the world of opportunities offered by Boomtown’s vibrant black market…

As time passed and the Jobcentre searched for ever more dubious employment opportunities to offer as work, its managers became increasingly entangled in Boomtown’s nefarious underworld and the riches it afforded. What was once a legitimate enterprise had become a one-stop shop for any gangster that needed a ‘job’ doing; its original intent perverted into little more than a front for a criminal distribution network operating at the epicentre of Boomtown’s corrupt underbelly.

Calling all potential outlaws, hustlers and mobsters... do you have what it takes to rise up the ranks from small time thievery to gangland infamy? Whether you’re looking to make links with fellow crooks in the striplight utopia of our incapacity benefits area or reckon you’re ghetto enough to take up the challenge of running scores, we’ll be expecting your call.
Office hours: 12pm - 6pm including weekends. Out of office hours dependant on notoriety and disrepute. No weapons. No attitude. No gang colours.[1]

The Job Centre: Sanctions speak louder than words.[2]

Bang Hai Work Programme - Chapter 8 Edit

At the end of last years fair trouble was in the air, revolution forces stormed the Bang Hai Palace, setting off a wave of unrest throughout the town. The Jobcentre has always been loyal to the system, but which one? We've heard rumours of new management being brought in by our illustrious mayor to crack down on any infractions, however minor. Tales of tighter restrictions and brand new security measures such as cameras and microphones recording your every move, which is of course for your own protection. Suggestions of an Office Christmas Party were met with reprehension with the regime, though the underground revolution network has been readying their Santa hats and black tinsel...

Last years employment records were pitiful, and with that in mind we are fully backing the new work programs (sponsored by Bang Hai Industries) as well as helping those in need by enforcing conscription into Mayor Joses brand new army. Do you have what it takes? Because if you think you do that is counted as being overly ambitious, but don't worry, we'll sort that out for you....just give us form 35A, not that's 35B, don't worry it won't affect your prospects...[3]

Privatisation - Chapter 9 Edit

After the Regime fell the Jobcentre was in chaos, but out of that chaos has come a new order, with no leaders involved. The Jobfather signed a state-of-the-art privatisation deal with Bang Hai Industries, securing the future for the Jobcentre and its workers. This means brand new corporate jobs, a new private security force in our headstrong G4life and a wealth of funds pouring in from sponsorship deals and advertising. However, privatisation comes at a cost, and we have extensive targets to meet and deadlines to fill. We will bring Big Branding to the masses![4]

Privatisation - Chapter 10 Edit

Privatisation under the CEO of Bang Hai Industries is going well; after purging rogue elements of resistance profits are up, along with the necessary cuts to ensure compulsory costs are covered. Our overworked and underpaid CPU staff are here to provide work for ALL the citizens of Boomtown, as long as they literally jump through the hoops we provide, and our private security firm, G4Life, armed with new training, are here to make sure your visit to The Jobcentre Ltd. goes smoothly, or else![5]

JobCentre 2.0 Edit

Welcome to Jobcentre 2.0, a well-oiled machine with aptitude tests, biometric data collection and brand new jobs to appraise your skillset. AMI will be monitoring everything and we are happy to welcome a brand new Artificially Intelligent Manager or A.I.M. who will be integrating the latest tracking information into the venue, while simultaneously improving our Career Progression Unit staff and tracking the citizens. Security is, of course, paramount, and once again our trusty G4life will return to maintain a sense of dignified order, with brand new security features such as our full-body scanning system.[6]


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