Boomtown is a fictitious city set within an alternative world, populated with a plethora of curious characters roaming the streets and guiding the citizens through the labyrinth of adventures waiting to be discovered. Each chapter delves even further into the mythology of Boomtown, with endless stories for you to be part of and make your very own.      

Over the last decade, our theatrical ambition and vision has grown to unimaginable heights… What started off as treasure hunts and ‘passport’ stamp collecting has evolved into the largest interactive, story-led, fully immersive theatrical show in the world! But do not fear! It’s not as intimidating as it could sound…You can dip in and out of this rolling narrative as you please, picking it up then putting it down to suit your own tailored experience. Or you can go deep into the rabbit hole and immerse yourself in the twists and turns of the interactive game That is The Maze…


Main Chapters

After Videos

Closing Ceremonies Venues
2009 Chapter 1
Boomtown Begins

Chapter 1

2010 Chapter 2
External Forces
Chapter 2
2011 Chapter 3
The Disappearance of Boom
2012 Chapter 4
An Alien Presence
Chapter 4
2013 Chapter 5
Declaration of Democracy
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
2014 Chapter 6
The Loopholes of Time
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
2015 Chapter 7
A Palace Has Risen
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
2016 Chapter 8
The Revolution Starts Now
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
2017 Chapter 9
Behind The Mask
Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Chapter 9
2018 Chapter 10
The Machine Cannot Be Stopped
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Chapter 10
2019 Chapter 11
A Radical City
Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Chapter 11
2020 Chapter 12
New Beginnings

The Story Continues...Edit

In addition to the official story pages from the BoomTown website, there is a series of videos containing story updates, theatrical trailers and district announcements.

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