Chapter 11 Closing Ceremony Edit

The one heavily features in the closing ceremony for chapter 11. During AMI's upload of the boomtown citizens to her database one person's information is left missing causing AMI to heavily glitch out. This person is currently refered to as The One.

Th3 Cell Email Leaks Edit

An email exchange listed on Th3 C3ll details an email exchange between Max and John. In this email thread, they discuss the production process of AMI, specifically stating that her look is based off that of real person. The One is widely rumored to be this person.

Stripy Hoody Girl Edit

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Pictured right, a hooded figure in stripes appears in the Chapter 11 After Video. She too is strongly rumoured to be The One.

The Missing Child Edit

Some fans currently speculate that The One could be Charlie. This too is yet unconfirmed.

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