As the divide between rich and poor has become ever greater, discontent and unrest have spread throughout the barrios and districts of Boomtown.


The once great Mayor Comrade Jose, elected by the people, for the people, has been brainwashed and become ever more detached from reality, as her allies dwindle she introduces new military conscription and her propaganda machine goes into overdrive in a bid to retain control.

The Sheriff feels his grip on power loosen for the first time, his alien overlords may have long departed but still, he has a master to serve! He must find and capture the elusive masked man and restore his position as the hidden leader behind the regime of Comrade Jose.

Meanwhile ever increasing numbers of rebels gather in the shadows beneath the city, they seek not to seize power but to destroy it so that no one can stand in dominance over another, their plans are coming to fruition, the time draws near. They do this not for their own glory but for the freedom of future generations, the protection of the land they must share, and the memory of Nicholas Boom!!

A Message From Your Glorious Leader[edit | edit source]

Welcome once again my people, to the wonders of the Boomtown Fair. This year we

celebrate the glory of my vision, realised here before you all! Every year we grow stronger, as our enemies grow weak. Our might and power shine out as a beacon for all the world to see. I invite you to share in these gifts, given freely from the heart of my empire.

Despite the greatness of my conquest, the wealth and prosperity of my realm, still there are those who would see my vision of the future laid bare. Those who would drag us back into the dark ages. I call on you to be vigilant in these times, our enemies are everywhere, waiting to thwart our victory, to dash our hopes and dreams of progress on the shores of despair. To these people I say beware! We will stop at nothing to find you. There is nowhere you can hide.

Enjoy the spectacles and majesty of this year's fair, revel in the celebrations of my new world. All who bow before me will be smiled upon. All who kneel will be rewarded. Any who question will be silences! Resistance to progress will not be tolerated!

One Vision. One Leader. One Truth!

Your Glorious Leader, Comrade José - Mother of Nations - Daughter of Heaven

Quests & Factions[edit | edit source]


BOOMTOWN CH 9 Theatrical Trailer

This was the first time you were able to play as one of two main opposing factions. You were able to complete quests for either faction or play as a double agent. The objective of Central Administration was to retrieve letters from The Revolution that showed they may be working with Nicholas Boom and to quash any rebellion. The objective of The Revolution was to obtain secret documents from The Town Hall and to further the goals of the revolution.

Finale[edit | edit source]


Boomtown 2015 - Bang Hai Palace Sunday Night Finale- The Revolution

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