A rough timeline for now. Not sure if a timeline is needed or not. Will have to link the references and expand it if we want to keep it though.

  • Lion's Den Temple is built by the local tribes
  • Church of The Sturdy Virgin founded
  • Order of Euclid created
  • Founding of Boomtown by Nicholas Boom
  • The Gold Rush
  • Kaptin arrives from the future to interfere
  • The annual Boomtown Fair begins
  • Recession
  • Boom finds the Temple
  • The Boominati attempt to assassinate Nicholas Boom
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Oldtown is built
  • Boomtown becomes a city - people arrive from all over the globe
  • Arcadia arrives
  • Kaptin becomes Mayor
  • K-Virus outbreak happens
  • Elections held
  • Day of the Dead parade: José becomes Mayor and is kidnapped by Kaptin
  • José brainwashed
  • Kaptin travels into the past and meddles with time
  • Arcadia leaves Boomtown
  • Kaptin becomes Sheriff and recruits his band of Cowboys. Uses José as a puppet leader. 
  • José builds her empire. Bang Hai Palace built.
  • The Revolution begins
  • Military conscription and expansion
  • Sector 6 Built by Bang Hai
  • José overthrown.
  • Bang-Hai Industries takes over in the power vacuum
  • AMI comes online
  • Hackers overthrow Bang-Hai
  • AMI melts down Sector 6 Reactor causing 404 Exclusion Zone
  • OneCor arrives in Metropolis
  • The Last Tree is planted
  • AMI tries to locate The One
  • Charlie and Romeo go missing
  • Present Day
  • The Swans build a dome to live in as the world begins to die.
  • Muuti's power increases as oxygen becomes a rare commodity
  • The Church of Noctua founded
  • The cults of AMI and IAM are prevalent
  • Final apocalypse?

Copper County:


something brothers

weird bearded folk

old peoples home

Old Town:


Postal Posse

Info exchange

mind wipers

Town Square:


boomtown bobbies

job center


Paradise heights:

Gambling joint

Bliss and co



Ami/info center


Fashion show

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