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Sun bleached walls, cool terracotta floors, the smell of sunscreen and cold martinis. Welcome to Villa Avarice - the holiday destination for Boomtown’s rich and famous;. Villa Avarice has it all. You too could become one of the elite with Paradise Height’s brand new platinum plus membership scheme, offering you access to the higher echelons of society and lifting you above the rest. The villa also believes in corporate responsibility. Not part of the 1%? Never fear‚ you can gaze on luxury from afar. We offer the opportunity for the working poor to pull themselves out of poverty, with Bang Hai Industry’s‚ Welfare to Work scheme. Join our staff work for tips and overhear the secrets of the rich you aspire to be. Join us and discover the luxury that is Villa Avarice. [1]

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[2] Why shouldn’t you be the best you can be? Why can’t you raise yourself above the rest and follow the dream you’ve always wanted? Why should you care about who you step on, on your journey to the top?

You don’t need a partner……just a great mentor

The Villa is proud to host the great motivational speakers Greta L’Gover and Beni Benson, Pioneers for the Paradisian Path for self-betterment. Our scouts will create bespoke classes just for you, to raise you to a better class of being.

Life Coaches and Mentors are at your disposal, to help you see that you are simply better than everyone else, and recognise that sometimes your so called “friends” are dragging you down and holding you back. 

Our teachings include:

  • –      How to engage with deliberate nowness and not worry about tomorrow
  • –      The strength of the individuality
  • –      The destructive power of community 
  • –      The power of names and titles
  • –      The 3 P’s and how they can save you
  • –      How clean thoughts lead to a clean world

As well as many more insights into this fascinating and utterly selfish outlook into the self, and self-belonging. 

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

Path to Success [3] Edit

The Paradisian Path is a simple and easy way to change your life for the better, incorporating Spirituality, Relationships, Finance, Business and Pleasure into one practice.

The History of the Path Edit

Originally started by The Bliss Brothers, Mo and Terry of Momentary Bliss as purely a spiritual practice to address the internal battles of shame and confidence, it has now expanded to help you better every aspect of your life.

The Croaker Twins (Logan and Falcon) were instrumental in driving this practice to new heights, gaining the investment from other powerful and rich members of the Paradise Heights community. This corporation of Swans now controls over 99% of the health and self-betterment industry, helping thousands realize that there is someone better hiding under the shameful skin of their current failing lives.

We all want to be better than everyone else, and now you can prove it by taking courses and workshops at this years Boomtown Fair 2019. Experience the unbelievable transformations that can happen when you commit to, and pay for the full journey into the Paradisian Path.

What the Path can do for you Edit

  • Help you Realise the power of Nowness and forget about tomorrow
  • Guide you to the internal Strength to step over others
  • Teach you to glide like the Swan, instead of paddling like an ugly duck
  • Train you in generating a Faux-image, because who needs reality?
  • Facilitate you to undermine the opinions of others
  • Help you discover the power of facts and how to manipulate them
  • Demonstrate that A+B will always equal C

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  1. Boomtown 2018 Programme Book
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